First official training day as Olympians

RUSSKI GORKI JUMPING CENTER — Legs were stretched and nerves were settled at the first official training day Saturday, Feb. 8 for women’s ski jumping at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center. Twenty-eight women ski jumpers from 12 countries were allowed up to three training jumps on the normal hill or K95 (two jumpers from Germany and Finland elected not to jump).

The weather conditions were nearly perfect at the multi-million dollar facility that was framed by the brightest of blue skies, splattered with eager media, and a couple hundred Sochi volunteers clad in the familiar blue and purple uniforms.  

“It doesn’t get much better than this,” said Alan Alborn, Women’s Ski Jumping USA head coach.

Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome jumped all three training rounds. Sarah Hendrickson skipped the first round and jumped the second two.

Jerome got to celebrate her 27th birthday jump training for the first time as an Olympian. “It’s hard to beat that,” she quipped to reporters after training.

Japan’s Sara Takanashi finished on top in the first round and Austria’s Daniela Iraschko-Stolz finished first in rounds two and three.

See additional quotes and jump results below.

1st Round - 90m, 18th
2nd Round - 93m, 17th
3rd – Round – 97.5, 7th

On first day of official training
Once I put on the skis it's all go mode. It was perfect today. The hill is great, the weather is great. I feel good and I'm ready.

That third jump was one of the best jumps I had all year. I was really satisfied with it.

You have to get used to this jump a bit because the landing can be a bit hard so it's good we will have three days of training here before the comp.

1st Round - 92m, 13th
2nd Round - 95m, 16th
3rd Round – 93, 12th

On the first day of official training
The hill is in terrific shape. The conditions were perfect today. I was mostly satisfied with my jumps. It's good to have this first day out on the hill.

On women ski jumpers' first Olympic event
It's fantastic to be here. All the girls from all the countries are excited and really happy to be here. We deserve to be here. It's a cool atmosphere.

2nd Round – 81.5, 28th
3rd – Round – 78, 27th

On the first day of official training
Obviously, I'm not all that happy about training today. I have to give myself a break because I haven't had that many training jumps and this is a new hill coming off training.

I took much lower speed today than some of the other girls - something my coaches and I talked about just to help out with any situations. Luckily we have three days of training so hopefully I can pull it together.


The conditions on the jump hill were perfect today and we couldn't have asked for much better. It was a good first day of official training and we'll continue to settle into things over the next two days.

We've been holding back Sarah a bit. We elected to have her jump two of the three jumps today. We're saving up for the competition day in terms of her knee.


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