We Are Looking For Young Women Who Love To Fly! 

Would you like to join the 2018-2019 Fly Girls program? The following are the criteria for an athlete to be considered for the FLY GIRLS program:

  • Between the ages of 13 and 16 years. Girls outside this age range may be considered at the coaches’ discretion.
  • Can safely ski jump on a HS40-60 meter hill (Must provide video) 
  • Is a positive and enthusiastic person/teammate
  • Has her own ski jumping skis, boots, and bindings that are at least 2 years current
  • Is willing to spend at least 2-5 weeks away from home in the summer (July/August 2018)
  • Has competed or qualified for a Junior National team
  • Has competed/participated in local/regional/national events, such as Springer Tournee
  • Is focused on being a ski jumper in the long term
  • Is willing to engage in fundraising for expenses associated with the FLY GIRLS and WSJ-USA programs

Athletes must apply by April 30 of each year to  in order to be considered for the team.

Download a Fly Girls Application.

Fly Girls is designed as a feeder program to recruit, identify, and foster young talent into the pipeline of the overall National Team program.