A jet lagged start to the first World Cup event of 2013

SCHONACH, GERMANY— U.S. women ski jumpers powered through illness and jet lag Saturday and Sunday in the first World Cup event of 2013.

“We did take a step back in results,” said Coach Paolo Bernardi, whose team slipped slightly to second place in overall Nations Cup standings.

“In general, the entire team is feeling a little tired and our energy level is a bit low. We just have to get healthy, start sleeping better, and get back into the right rhythm.”

Sarah Hendrickson finished 11th on Saturday and bounced back Sunday to 5th place after two strong jumps. Lindsey Van posted a 15th and 14th; Abby Hughes was 25th and 23rd, and Nina Lussi finished 44th and 45th. Alissa Johnson, who was battling a cold and fever, was 32nd both days. Jessica Jerome was 13th on Saturday and woke up Sunday having almost no mobility in her neck. After physical therapy, Jerome still decided to jump and finished 44th.  She’s set to continue therapy this week.

“I’m really happy about my jumping today (Sunday) because I know that if I jump my best jumps, then I can easily be back on the podium,” Hendrickson said. “As a team, we’re not really at our level right now. We’re in good spirits, but the traveling and characteristic foggy and drizzly weather in Schonach just got to us this time and we weren’t 100 percent.”

Bernardi said the Christmas break always throws off the cycle of competing and so they have to continually adjust training for each athlete.

The team has a short travel day Monday to Hinterzarten, Germany, for next weekend’s event and will take most of the day to rest. Tuesday and Wednesday they will have two sessions of jumping each day, then off-hill training on Thursday. Friday is official training and the qualification round.

“We will be ready for Hinterzarten – we have time to work on our jumps,” Bernardi said.

World Cup Schonach, Germay
Women’s Normal Hill – HS106

(with wind system calculation)

Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013

1. Sara Takanashi, JPN, (96.5 meters, 96.5) 242.1
2. Evelyn Insam, ITA, (91.5, 94.5) 224.3
3. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (94.5, 89.5) 219.2


11. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (86, 89.5) 195.6
13. Jessica Jerome, USA, (87.5, 90.5) 194.1
15. Lindsev Van, USA, (87.5, 90.5) 191.7
25. Abby Hughes, USA (86, 85) 179.4
32. Alissa Johnson, USA, (82) 83.4
44. Nina Lussi, USA, (78) 72.6

Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013

1. Anette Sagen, NOR, (98, 94) 224.9
2. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (96, 92.5) 224.3
3. Coline Mattel, FRA, (97.5, 90) 223.4
5. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (96, 94) 220.5
14. Lindsev Van, USA, (94.5, 87.5) 197.7
23. Abby Hughes, USA (88.5, 86) 188.5
32. Alissa Johnson, USA, (85.5) 91.6
44. Jessica Jerome, USA, (84) 82.7
45. Nina Lussi, USA, (81.5) 78.8