In October 2017, team operations moved under USA Nordic – and Women’s Ski Jumping USA re-dedicated itself to key aspects of our mission: growing participation in U.S. women’s ski jumping, facilitating development efforts, and advocating for gender equality in sport – all with an emphasis on Character, Confidence and Courage.

We have announced 4 grant categories:

  • The Peter Jerome Character, Confidence and Courage Grant
    • Some of the strongest attributes that can come from engaging in sport, at any level, are the building of Character, Confidence and Courage – traits that for too long were not words associated with women.   These qualities have been a long-standing part of the Women’s Ski Jumping USA mission in an effort to change the world’s perception and inspire young girls and women to reach new heights. 
    • The Character, Confidence and Courage Grant provides a $2,000 scholarship to 3 women to enable them to continue their ski jumping training, competition pursuits and/or advocacy of the sport of women’s ski jumping.
    • The application for these grants will open in the fall.  
  • The Deedee Corradini Fly Girls Grant
    • The Fly Girls program is inspired by the ideals and dreams set forth by countless athlete pioneers, coaches, parents, volunteers and supporters who joined together to lead the Olympic women's ski jumping movement in the U.S. and across the globe.
    • Because of this unique story, Fly Girls is more than an athlete development program. It's a mission with a soul: Empowering girls to never give up on their dreams.
    • The Fly Girls Grant provides $5000 to assist in producing a summer camp designed to encourage participation in the sport and develop young athletes.  In 2018, USA Nordic is producing the Fly Girl camp.
  • The Junior World Championship Grant
    • The path to the World Cup level requires years of training and dedication.  In order to support a sustainable pipeline of athletes and support competitive excellence, WSJUSA will support those athletes chosen to attend the Junior World Championships in Women’s Ski Jumping.
    • Each year, WSJUSA will work with the trip organizing body to determine the grant for that trip.  In 2018, a grant of $10,000 off-set travel expenses for the 5 young women traveling to Kandersteg, Switzerland for the Ski Jumping Junior World Championships.
  • The “Equal Pay for Equal Points” Grant
    • According to FIS Ski Jumping Rule 5.1, the minimum prize money for Women’s World Cup competitions is 30% of the prize money offered to men.  Consistent with our mission statement to “advocate for gender equality in sport,” WSJUSA has created a grant pool to offset the prize money discrepancy for members of the US team competing at the World Cup level.
    • Our goal is to raise enough money each year to fully offset the earnings gap.  For the 2017-18 winter season, we awarded to our US athletes the full prize money discrepancies.
    • Long term, our goal is to encourage FIS and the event organizing committees to provide Equal Pay for Equal Points in all Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined competitions.

We are excited about the future opportunities of our US athletes!  

If you’d like to support those dreams, please send us an email or consider a donation.