BIRTH DATE: November 5, 2000
BIRTHPLACE: Hoffman Estates, IL  HOMETOWN: Barrington, IL
SCHOOL: Prairie Middle School

I picked up the sport and kept going because there isn’t a better feeling than flying through the air! It’s a major adrenaline rush!
— Cara Larson on the thrill of ski jumping


  • 2014: 1st place - Flaming Leaves U.S. Junior Championships (Lake Placid)
  • 2014: 1st place - Junior Nationals (Alaska)
  • 2014: 7th place - U.S> Ski Jumping Champioships (Lake Placid)


Cara Larson, just 16, has been ski jumping for 8 years. Through the sport, Cara has learned how to push through her fears and test her limits.

Cara’s commitment to ski jumping has helped her to progress to higher and higher levels. She has had many podium finishes, due to her strenuous and diligent training regimen. Most recently, she has accomplished a number of podium finishes. In 2014, she won the Junior National Championship in Anchorage, Alaska and the Junior Women’s competition at the Flaming Leaves Festival in Lake Placid.

In 2014, Cara received the USSA Dorothy Graves Award, which is given to the best overall female ski jumper at the Junior Olympics. Cara credits the support of her family, friends, and local club with her success to date. Now that women ski jumpers are allowed in the Olympics, she has an even higher goal to shoot for.